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Excel Spreadsheets for Lotto, Lottery Software, Systems, Strategies

One: The Complexity of Lottery ProgrammingTwo: Infant Pick-3 Lottery Strategies and SoftwareThree: And on Gambling Formula and Lottery StatisticsFour: Using Excel Spreadsheets to Analyse the Lottery I Five: Using Excel Spreadsheets to Analyse the Lottery IISix: Means in Lottery Software, Lotto Wheeling, Systems, Spreadsheets

1. The Complexity of Lottery Software Programming The succeeding is a demonstrable discussion of Excel spreadsheets applied to lottery and lotto developing of software, systems, and strategies. Combining Excel spreadsheet review with capable lottery and lotto software programmed by this author. It was inceptive posted to rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup back conduct when...

I annex come up with a ample quantity of patterns or lotto filters, as you can gaze in my SuperPower lotto software (the WS files). It would be a vast burden, unmanageable for a unmarried programmer, to copy a programme that would trial all the parameters, combine them in all imaginable strategies, and receive the most possible to conquest strategies. When I started, it was the terrene of 16-bit DOS, with the folder dimensions column of 640 KB. I would chalk up needed manifold, abounding megabytes.

Now, it is 32-bit Win95/98 software, however it is besides, appropriate slow compared to DOS (in the condition of lottery software, which is highly CPU-intensive). I get had no election (and not all the more extent) however let the pc display me the reports of the parameters (i.e. how the filters fared in the gone); based on the bygone values of the parameters, I would receive inevitable values using some statistical methods. One such no sweat mechanism anyone can attention is that 3 consecutive increases are now followed by a shorten most of the period (over 90% of the era) -- and vice-versa. Sure, 90% is not 100%, that's why it is impossible to choose winning lotto strategies every era.

I advised in my SuperPower lottery software packet a means to play the pick- 3 entertainment. Stare at the front/back pairs parameter. It has a median of 33. It extremely shows values of over 100 -- it income none of the front or the back pairs of a pick-3 portrayal is a repeat from the ended 100 drawings. Using such a filter, would divide the quantity of complete practicable combinations to 125 (or a probability of 1 in 8). So, one strategy would be based on the "pairs" (Pr) parameter with a profit of 100. Other parameters in the identical list would accept as well higher values. At break interval, moreover to setting PR to 100) obtain higher however safer values for other parameters and and operate the effortless edict of 3 increases/decreases. I obtain tried to create using my lotto, lottery software as manageable as likely. Go back, I am the most attached and frequent user of my lottery software!

The worst playing situations befall when the skips spread 10 or extended drawings. That would be most costly journey to play the strategy. Based on my Gambling Formula, a skip can grasp yet 55 drawings! That was one of my sins up until not deep ago: I believed that it was first-class to play matchless strategies with flying skips (over 20)... It is larger to play lower skips, encircling or below the median (a requirement of the Gambling Formula). ? Playing one when "Skips" shows 4 or 5 as the early figure: - playing 21 times @ $150/play = $3150- unit of wins: 14 x $500 = $7000- entangle income: $3850/year (400 drawings).

That income comes WITHOUT applying any filter to Pr=100! We longing to play with else modest budgets, so we manipulate some other filters. As I stated before, when a filter such Pr is big, other filters in the equivalent WS data annex a proneness to arrive higher values. We can allot other filters conservatively (i.e. "unharmed" values). For instance: Tot1=200, Rev1=200, Vr1=1, Syn1=100, Bun1=1, Any1=100. ? Applying other filters moreover to Pr1=100: - playing 21 times @ $50/play = $1050 - trap income: $5950/year (400 draws) Absolutely, just using Pr=100 without other filters generates 130-150 lottery combinations. Using supplementary filters generates from 10 to 45 combinations.

?? I received an insightful sign from a Brazilian user of my lottery and lotto software. He inaugurate my strategy to be FLAWED. After too argument, he was fitting! I rechecked the abundant operation. I miscalculated. Really, I should retain counted and the times when the skip went 6 or higher. Absolutely, I looked at front skips which were already higher than 6. The hold water strategy is much based on the MEDIAN. Briefly directly, provided there are added than 5 skips below the median end not play. As well, after 1 or 2 skips above the median, there testament postdate skips lower than the median -- play the strategy!

Or, play ALL the streaks, nevertheless solitary from 0 to 5. There are 53 streaks.

Playing solitary from 0 to 5 drawings mode 6 runs. Multiplying 53 streaks by 6 runs gives 318 runs. There are 32 winning situations for streaks between 0 and 5. Complete winning is $500 x 32 = $16,000. In direction to accomplish a income, we must play no another that 50 lottery combinations per race. In other passage, provided using fresh filters to PR=100 generates 10 combinations to play, the worth testament be 10 x 318 = $3,180. Whether the strategy generates 20 lotto combinations per race, complete bill would be 20 x 318 = 6,360. Just 20 combinations per pace is elegant average, habituated the capable co-variance of the filters in the twin WS record (the twin layer). There is a stronger yet co-variance between PR and TV, or between TOT and REV, etc.

Always convenience other lottery filters moreover to the leading filter (PR, in this plight). I enjoy received perfectly a bit of input on the adult of strategies applied to my software. Some users with machine programming skills hog written their own utilities to test the values for other filters. Others capitalization the Excel spreadsheet to engage in full analyzes. Basically, a user opens as a content list the WS reports generated by SuperPower or LotWon or MDIEditor And Lotto WE lottery software letter. Provided they appetite to utilize the PR the leading filter, they testament category the spreadsheet on the PR limit. Attached, grip all the cells where PR is 100 or in a superior way. Compound the block in to a fresh spreadsheet. Complete a news debate of the fresh worksheet: impress the minimum, maximum, criterion, median, money for every limit. You'll attention that PR=100+ is accompanied by higher values in other columns besides. Applying other lotto filters in conjunction with PR testament considerably cut the combinations to play (under 10 in perfectly a infrequent cases).

While developing the lottery software, I was met with astonishing situations. In Pennsylvania lotto 6/48 diversion some filters were identical altitudinous from chronology to bit, as it usually happens. In one plight, on the contrary, they were so aerial that the software generated by oneself ONE combination to play! In another example, in the deficient Harmyland 6/40 lotto merriment, the filters were as such that isolated 8 lottery combinations were generated and had the jackpot. Cases cognate those mythical me stay in this lottery, lotto software complication. It is feasible, albeit identical infrequently, that a huge-odds lotto sport can be won with just a handful of combinations!

3. Added on Gambling Formula, Lottery, Strategies, Software I presented in this proclaim just one of the lottery strategies that can be used in the Pick-3 merriment (using PR = 100). Anybody can trial it in any pick-3 lottery entertainment. I presented a announcement for 400 drawings, however I enjoy as well checked 1,000 and 2,000 elapsed drawings. (There is these days a higher quality HTML announcement at this domicile: Pick-3 Lottery Channels, Strategy, Development, Play, Software). I as well presented on one of my leading lottery strategies stage (Lotto, Lottery Software, Strategy, Systems, Wheels) another strategy. I presented bona fide counsel for a 6/48 lotto sport. The diacritic probability is p=1/8. According to the Essential Formula of Gambling (FFG), half of the lotto 6/48 numbers (3) in every represantation testament be repeats from the most new 6 drawings. What is more, there were drawings in which all six winning lotto numbers had been repeats from the gone 11-12 drawings, still from the preceding 6-7 drawings! In the behind 500 drawings of the dilatory PA Ferocious Card lotto pastime (6 of 48), in 123 cases (25%) all 6 winning numbers were repeats from the latest 12 drawings. In 25 cases (5 times a year), all 6 winners were extremely strained in the extreme 7 drawings. Expanded amazingly, in 7 cases, all 6 winning numbers were repeats from the persist 4-5 drawings! Again, it can be checked against any lotto database with my lotto gratis software.

4. Using Excel Spreadsheets to Analyse the Lottery I SQL, databases in regular, are not suited for the type of statistical lottery conversation. They peerless gain basic statistical functions. You testament devoir to conclude a parcel of coding, writing your own software functions. You would probably devoir to benefit a highly sophisticated software programming baggage such as Visual Basic, included in a database operate such as Access.

The boon stuff of election is Excel. The spreadsheet software has a mammoth heterogeneity of effectual statistical functions relevant to lottery. You compulsion to install the add-in called "Info Conversation". Once installed, it testament instruct up in the Tools nourishment. Here is what type of dialogue I just did for my lotto-5 information string. The lotto amusement draws 5 numbers from a existence of 39. Whether it is for the ahead lifetime you've seen my eponym, I reccomend you talk my lottery mark antecedent: "Cuffo Winning Lotto and Lottery Software Strategies".

The lotto-5 news information is a intelligible ASCII (words) record with FAIR 5 numbers per column: 1 12 20 28 35 It is further assumed that your lottery drawings are sorted in ascending array. You shouldn't apply the drawings as they appeared during the TV picture manifest. In Excel, manage Information provisions. Obtain Plain. Choose "Files of type: All (*.*)". Catch DATA-5 (or the licence label of your lotto-5 drawings data). Excel is an calculating exercise: It testament format your Data-5 string in the correctly lottery software spreadsheet grid. Your chapter testament corner 5 columns: A, B, C, D, E (A represents the elementary figure in the drawings, etc.). Let's declare your Data-5 document has 500 drawings.

Hire borderline A. Click on Effects, then Info dialogue. In the ensuing dialogue box receive Descriptive statistics and last of all Precis statistics. Excel testament fabricate a brand-new event, named Column1. There are some conspicuous numbers in the examination sheet1, expressly "Median" and Process. The Median divides the path in two halves. The Money represents the most frequent amount in the contour. Here is what amiable of info I got for my data-5 lotto list:

The first off cipher (col. A): Median = 5; process = 1 The 2nd digit (col. B): Median = 12; money = 10 The 3nd digit (col. C): Median = 20; method = 18 The 4th amount (col. D): Median = 28; means = 30 The 5th symbol (col. E): Median = 35; income = 39.

If you tarriance my objective, you'll come across what I telephone the "Essential Formula of Gambling". The medians you eye above are ideal brisk to what the Essential Formula of Gambling gives for a pastime of any probability p. ? The median can extremely be calculated in advance; i.e. the theoretical valuation. The solitary factor you can advantage is the well-known-by-now Fundamental Formula of Gambling! I telephone the parameter FFG median.

I convey you one enhanced gratuity like now: End the Median in conjunction with the Process. How approximately this considerate of lotto cipher choice? For any position, capture numbers between "Median ? 4" to "Median + 4". As you can gape, the Way is equitable within that compass. This is not a secret: It is a imitation of the so-called "Regular probability enactment". The most frequent lotto numbers tense in that position fall within the scope we just locate. In the example of my data-5, my ace numbers testament be within the consequent ranges: The elementary amount: 1 to 9 The 2nd digit: 8 to 16 The 3rd cipher: 16 to 24 The 4th figure: 24 to 32 The 5th lotto symbol: 31 to 39.

5. Using Excel Spreadsheets to Analyse the Lottery II Somebody started a thread on using SQL or Access to analyse the lottery. SQL is a database programming speaking. I pointed elsewhere that SQL is not genuine capable software of analysing the lottery, by reason of it does not own built-in statistical functions to satisfy such a requirement. I recommended instead the appliance of Excel, the spreadsheet that is bundled with Access in Microsoft Occupation Suite.

Anterior of all, I am not a software salesman. I alone posted in the thread due to I assumed the initial writer already had Excel on his PERSONAL COMPUTER. I showed how to convenience an Excel add-in: "Facts Debate". Its "Abstract Statistics" generates actual brave reports regarding lottery drawings files. You can construe my announce again. I commitment to mention any more that my "findings" are, really, a consequence of the so-called "regular probability enactment". The regulation is in turn derived from the "Gaussian Distribution". The mean probability code establishes the probability for an business in correlation with "the most probable backwash" in a probability distribution. A string with lottery drawings represents a probability distribution. The "median" is one of the most probable results in drawings series.

Let's proceeds as an case history the median of the anterior numbers in the drawings. In the context of my lotto-5 drawings dossier, the median of the ahead cipher is 5. The customary deviation was 6. The decree of median probability states that the probability of any head lotto figure in the lottery drawings is 95.4% less than 2 principles deviations out from the median, and 99.7% less than 3 guideline deviations out. Trying to create it exceeding clearly. My lotto-5 drawings dossier has over 1000 drawings. Over 97% of the numbers tense in the headmost position are between 1 and 18 (which approximates 3 sample deviations from the median).

Over 98% of the lotto numbers strained in the 5th position are between 21 and 39 (again, environing within 3 criterion deviations). This is authentic for one numeral position at a chronology. Whether I necessity the simultaneous probability of the 1st and 5th numbers, it is .97 x .98 = .95. There is a 95% probability that the 1st AND the 5th numbers testament be between 1-18 AND 21-39. The simultaneous probability for ALL five lotto numbers was environing 60% for my lotto-5 information. In over 60% of the drawings, the winning numbers were as follows: 1st symbol: between 1 - 18 2nd digit: between 3 - 21 3rd numeral: between 11 - 29 4th unit: between 19 - 37 5th symbol: between 21- 39 Complete combinations of 18 taken 5 at a age is: 8,568.

My lotto-5 pastime uses 39 balls. Ergo, complete combinations of 39 taken 5 at a age is: 575,757. First off, critical to sign that Excel does not compass a advantage to cause lottery numbers. The user needs to programme such functions in Visual Basic for Applications (incorporated in every Employment operate). Or, bring about what I accomplish: record specialized lottery software out Excel or Microsoft Job, using general-purpose programming languages (VisualBasic or PowerBasic). On the contrary whether you determine not programme at all, it is clear that it is far finer to choose numbers from the ranges decisive by the methodical probability decree. Provided you are to select 5 numbers from the most frequent 5 ranges, the winning probability is 1 in 8,568. Choosing 5 lotto numbers from a environment of 39 has a winning probability of 1 in 575,757. In 60% of the cases, you testament face odds of exclusive 8,568 to 1 provided you choose numbers from the most frequent ranges.

Finally, the information I gain presented here are valuable by oneself provided you already enjoy Excel on your COMPUTER. The statute I exercise in my lotto software is entirely my pursuit and I achieve not conceive it available. My for free lotto and lottery software at the software download location does not add the probability characteristic presented here. I cook not receive analysing your lottery drawings files for any fees.

? I just wrote the programme to practise lotto-5 combinations within ranges. The programme uses no filtering at all. In fact, I was at fault regarding the complete lotto combinations to play! I greedy, astray, although not all told as misconception as some other calculations indicated. I used front the succeeding lotto ranges: 1 to 18 3 to 21 11 to 29 19 to 37 21 to 39.

The programme generated 371,036 lotto combinations. That represents 64.4% of all potential combinations for a lotto-5-39 pastime. The concrete side is that the ranges eliminated 204,721 combinations. That's a appropriate compelling filter, as far as I am concerned.

I used close the succeeding ranges (some ardency to write me; they named the ranges 'positional limits'): 1 to 9 8 to 16 16 to 24 24 to 32 31 to 39.

The lotto software generated 53,352 combinations. That represents 9.3% of all credible combinations for a lotto 5-from-39 pastime. You should expect to killing 1 every 10+ lottery drawings using those ranges. The beyond compare footing to play the ranges is after 4 to 8 skips (losses). In other contents, provided the ranges don't come up after 4 drawings, play them until they skipped 4 extended drawings. Evidently, the ranges by themselves are not sufficient. They obligation to be used in conjunction with other filters. Using other filters, I obtained from 0 (lowest point) to 8,000 combinations to play. Sure, the winning closeness is lower. In my volume, the chief habit to play the lotto games is to fix filters that eliminate the largest practicable quantity of combinations. Sure, you testament own the chance to gold bounteous little, on the other hand a lotto jackpot pay dirt compensates.

If you are concerned in the autonomous lottery software programme, I uploaded it to my software downloads stop. The term of the complimentary lotto software programme is RANGES5.EXE. You obligation to download extremely the document RANGES.5, which consists of the ranges for the 5 numbers. The folder is in ASCII format, so you can bag any issue editor to spending money it. Licence promptly, the RANGES.5 record looks analogous this:

1 9 8 16 16 24 24 32 31 39.

To constitute ALL doable lotto combinations of N numbers, beget the five lines recite:1 N (substitute N for specific numbers). For instance, to create all the combinations in a 39-number lotto-5 amusement, redact RANGES.5 to announce: 1 39 1 39 1 39 1 39 1 39.

6. Way in Lotto, Lottery: View, Mathematics, Software, Spreadsheets I enjoy written all the more extra effectual lotto, lottery software ever owing to. For starters, evaluation gone the free lunch servicing programs named UTIL and then a particular identifier; e.g Util-6.EXE indicates the avail lotto software for all lotto 6 games. UtilPB works with Powerball, Mega Millions, Thunderball, Euromillions type of lotto games. The statistical supply does calculations for the 6 positions of the Powerball (Mega Millions,Thunderball, as well). The lottery player can obtain the most frequent numbers for everyone position. Clock the specimen information RANGEPB consisting of the most frequent positional numbers in Powerball 5/55/42 for 184 draws. RANGEPB can serve as an input dossier to the positional lotto limits servicing in Util-PB.EXE. It represents a correct authoritative street to deposit calm sole Powerball numbers of elevated closeness. Provided the lotto numbers in everyone position equate 50% of complete closeness, the ending jackpot probability is 0.56 = 1 in 64. Whether the numbers in everyone position act for 60% of complete closeness, the ending lotto jackpot probability improves to 0.66 = 1 in 22. The consummation string can be diminished too by using the PURGE lottery software routines in MDIEditor and Lotto WE or LotWon lotto software. For expanded, construe: ? Software: Utilities for Lottery, Gambling, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Thunderball, Pick 3, Pick 4.

Fitter all the more, beholding for the integrated lottery software dispatch entitled Brilliant.exe. For instance, 6-number lotto games are especially handled by Bright6.exe - everything lotto-6 incorporated in one bundle ... and then some!

Read Ion Saliu's inceptive manual in print: Probability Judgment, Alive! ~ Founded on estimable mathematical discoveries with a broad compass of scientific applications, including probability belief applied to lotto, lottery, programming, spreadsheets.

? The lottery software at this interlacing point is NOT costless to download. Paid membership is required in method to download Ion Saliu's lotto software. The membership remuneration is negligible when compared to alike lotto software letter. Without a bit of a suspect, the Ionosphere software you download here is far superior to any software products in companion categories: Lottery, lotto, gambling, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, probability, statistics, and combinatorics. Besides, some of the software titles you treasure trove here are truly lone. You testament not pride alike programs regardless of prices. You may download all lottery software titles during your yearly membership, including all upgrades and updates.

? ? The software you download, nevertheless, is FREE RIDE for you to handle during your being. I invocation you the longest of individuality lifetimes! The lottery software has no crippled features, and no strings attached. The software is not shareware: It is completetly freeware. Interpret added: Download Considerable Complimentary Lotto Software: Paid Membership Required.

Resources in Lottery Software, Lotto Wheeling, Systems. Espy a abundant employery of the pages and materials on the male of lottery, lotto, software, systems, and wheels. The link is displayed in a dissimilar window. Provided the stage content is of attentiveness to you, copy-and-paste to that lottery event of yours: SaliuLottery.txt or something alike. Draw up as yet as you can because paragraph data. By editing that leaf in your own paragraph testament determination in a authentic adequate lottery album.

Introduction to Lottery Mathematics: Probabilities, Appearance, Repeat, Software, Wheels, Systems, Strategies.

The Incipient Strategy Lotto Lottery Software Stage. Presenting software to constitute unpaid winning lotto, lottery strategies, systems based on mathematics. Predispose your lotto systems or wheels, the first-rate lottery, lotto software, combinations, winning numbers.

A User's Design to MDIEditor And Lotto WE. ~ Besides relevant to LotWon lottery, lotto software; plus Powerball/Mega Millions, Euromillions. Visual Tutorial to Bright6.EXE and the farthermost lotto and lottery software (order immediate). MDIEditor and Lotto WE, the commanding lottery software offered as freeware.

Genuine Powerball/Mega-Millions strategy, operation, based on pools of numbers derived from skips. (* The lotto method hit at least 4 (four) Powerball JACKPOTS as of Aug 18, 2007 (in a 20-drawing span: allure #3, #8, #9, #20). *)

Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horseracing, Roulette, Football: Winning systems derived from skips; free software included. Lottery Servicing Software: Pick-3, 4 Lottery, Lotto-5, 6, Powerball/Mega Millions/Thunderball, Euromillions. Practical lottery and lotto filtering in software. Lotto wheels for lotto games portrayal 5, 6, or 7 numbers. The most latest impression of lotto wheels or reduced lottery systems. Gratify further first-hand lotto wheels for lotto games delineation 5, 6, or 7 numbers: Balanced, randomized, and for love. Updates to the Illumination lotto, lottery, and horseracing software bundles. Updates to assorted Auroral software letter: pick-3 and pick-4 lotteries, horseracing, 5- and 6-number lotto games.

Remember to trial the unrestrained lotto software downloads mark:Capital Lottery Software, Lotto Software.

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