Sunday, March 6, 2011

Positional Analysis in Excel? - Lotto 649 Forums

I am not extremely decided I adequatey accept your inquiry however this might feed some nourishment.

Let's remark your database is constructed with allure quantity in string A, generation in edge B and the six winning numbers in columns C to H (and possibly the bonus cipher in edge I) with titles on row #1 and actual values starting on row #2. You could lay in cells L1, M1 and N1 the 3 numbers you are looikng for and in cell J2, enter the formula =COUNTIF(C2:H2,$L$1)+COUNTIF(C2:H2,$M$1)+COUNTIF(C 2:H2,$N$1). Then draw up it down for all rows of your database.

You can then advantage the Automatic filter order on colum J to find all rows with a charge of 3.

Whether you fancy to comprise the bonus character in your search, spending money the C2:H2 reference to C2:I2.

Basically, this can be adapted for any numbers (up to 6 using cells O1, P1 and Q1) and adding additional COUNTIF functions in cell J2. Whether you appetite to seek less than 6 numbers, levy a 0 in cells not required (approximating in P1 and Q1 whether looking for 4 numbers in your database). Numbers in L1 to P1 act not own to be in any particular cast.

Anticipation this helps.

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